I never actually got anything undercoated today as the rain was apocalyptic out there and not good for me or models to be out in it. So this evening I actually resorted to undercoating things with a brush (shock horror). I actually cannot remember when I last actually decided to actually undercoat this way (except in an emergency… which I suppose this was, in a way). For this undercoat I went for a sand colour with a dry brush of white over the top, I decided to do it this way to see what effect it would have on the Contrast paint.

To be honest I was a little hard with the dry brushing on the lady with the basket and snapped her off at the ankles! I will see how things get on tomorrow.

I also got a bit of paint on these two…

This is the same figure, one mounted and one on foot. I have gone for a dark blue cloak, which I intend to cover in dark tone wash tomorrow to darken it down a bit. I went this way so that the horse would be a different shade to the rider.

No printing at all today as I reckon I have got enough to keep me going for a while. I have based up the wolf from yesterday as I intend to print some more for my diorama idea. There won’t be any snow (or at least not large amounts of it. My mother n law gave me some MDF sheets yesterday so they will be ideal (I think), if not I will improvise a base.

Tonight I started watching Louis Theroux on Netflix. I forgot how much I like him… right I am off to drive Tanks on War Thunder, I just wish I knew how the bloody tech tree works!

4 thoughts on “Wraiths and Things

      1. Spraying your basecoat is a huge time saver for sure. I was trying to get some of my Fallout minis built and ready to be primed but its already too cold here for spraying unless we miraculously get some warm weather so I missed the boat and will have no choice but to basecoat those minis with a brush so I found that part of your post relatable!

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