A Mage, an Elf and a Case of Weapons

Look at that, 22.00 and I am already in bed… I spent most of the day trying to finish off the conservatory, but I did have time to rescue the mage and Fey archer…

Look, look she has two arms!

I am not sure why it worked this time, but I did add in some extra supports on the troublesome arm.

I also achieved a shield…. along with lots of weapons… as it worked, I did a second set and am printing a third now.

The small lumps are left and right hands to allow some left/right handed militia. Tomorrow I am going to do some heads and then some bodies. I am also going to try using some weapons from the riders set I have from Iain’s ranges.

Back to work tomorrow so the kids decided on a pre school feast…

We had loaded potato skins for starters, Ramen as a main course then sticky toffee pudding for desert with a cheese/meat board with crackers later on.

Hopefully I will get something painted tomorrow… this made me chuckle…

Painting and Printing

Today we are in the eye of the storm so it has been relatively calm, it is blowing back up again tomorrow. So The kids decided they wanted to go and hang out in town, the two eldest went off for a mooch and my son and I went to Tesco… his choice not mine. He had compiled a recipe list and tomorrow he is making us sticky toffee pudding.. so I really cannot complain. I also went and got some more Contrast paint… it suddenly dawned on me that I now have the entire range apart from one colour… looks like I quite like them.

I managed to get these printed…

The left hand side of the smaller two is for a mate at the club. The big one is a mash up of the right hand top and an open tomb from somewhere else. I put these together in Cura to merge them. I love the open tomb as it has a skeleton inside and also a removable sword… the guy said that he did it as any RPG group is going to take the sword so it might as well be detachable. The open one will go into my ‘Mordheim’ town. The biggest problem I had with these was a naff top layer…

Now I can probably either turn on the ironing option in Cura or add some more top layers. I will have to have a think which it will be.

I managed to get some painting done too…

I am certainly making slow progress on these. I will have to work on the tentacles and claw hands but I am sure I will get there soon.

Snow, Printers and Paint

Well the expected snow and wind came and today proved to be a bad day to be a bus driver…

70mph winds and snow, never a good mix. I had t go into town to help my mother in law fix her sink and nearly had the 4WD going sideways too.

I got my first ruined building printed, this came from the Frost Kickstarter by Iain Lovecraft…

I was going to print some other things but sadly, the printer decided it was too cold. The above building comes in three bits, ground, first floor and roof. I am going to add a floor into the second level to allow for miniature placement. The whole thing took 31 hours to print. But as you can see – it is quite large.

I also managed to get some painting done this evening, not a huge amount, but there was Progress happening…

I actually tried to photograph four miniatures here!

I went back over the tentacles and spines on the Nurgle lot with white as well as giving them a layer of Contrast Skeleton bone.

I also spent some time today messing around with the old 3D Builder as well as seeing what the heck I actually had regarding the 3D Printers.

I Got Motivated

So after, going on about how I couldn’t be bothered to do anything this evening I started watching one of the resident Evil films and needed up getting this far with this chappy…

I will redo him at 85% some time but for now he is something to paint. talking of which, I have eventually called it over on my first pot of my Contrast Black Templar. It has eventually run out to be more truthful, or is more like tar than Contrast paint. I will no doubt need to replace some of my more used ones soon enough too…. oh yeah, so much for the early night plan!

Printing Success

Huzzah, the roof came out fine, well apart from a couple of gaps it is fine. However putting it on a raft with supports inside it made my job a nightmare… luckily I only stabbed my self only once.

My second Kickstarter core bundle came through too. I had already started on the ‘crow’ tower. But me being me didn’t do it for 28mm as designed, instead I dropped it down to something that would suit my 6 or 10mm Armies…

Today I have been doing more work in the conservatory, or rather on the conservatory. If you remember we put a skylight in it and it has been nothing but trouble, so today I spat the dummy and removed it… as you can imagine this left a ruddy great hole in the roof. So with a bit of help from the family we got some wood cut and filled in the gaps. It had been a fine day although a bit on the chilly side. So I had just glued everything in place and the heavens opened with some of the worst sleet I have seen in a good while. Needless to say I hadn’t sealed everything yet, so we now have a very wet floor. I managed to get some plastic over things, but it was a bit late. I was so wet I put my trousers straight into the tumble drier to get them useable again quickly.

Tomorrow I carry on and get the roofing felt on and get that all sealed too. Busy, busy, busy!

Tomorrow I intend to try and paint something… anything in fact. I am going to print out some of the militia too from the Lovecraft Kickstarter.

A Day of Printing Ups and Downs

Well if you remember, yesterday I was busy printing my 6mm temple. I got the base and walls done…

I was immensely pleased with the result, so today I set about printing the roof. Now because the corners come in two parts, I decided to save time (bad idea) and print them like they come in the package. This is vertically on the end. Now I was a bit concerned that there wouldn’t be much contact between the edge of the roof and the build plate so I added a raft to help out. This adds a fair old bit of time to the print, but it does generally help… except today. I came in at the four and a half hour mark to find this shit storm happening…

I swore…lots!

I haven’t got a clue what the heck happened, but it would seem one of them has come adrift and then things have snowballed from there. So this evening I built everything in 3D builder, and have placed it as it would appear on the building. I have once again added a raft, but have also added supports too. Just in case… it is now a 10 hour plus print, b7t hopefully it will be okay.

Now onto the printing success… I backed a Kickstarter called the Frost. This is by a very talented artist called Duncan Lovecraft. He does some amazing stuff… As part of the Kickstarter he had a grab bag of goodies so for the hell of it I printed a couple of dwarves, these are lovely….

One is the bog standard adventurer dwarf and the other is a Landsknecht dwarf… I just thought he looked funky. This Kickstarter attracted my attention as I fancied playing Mordheim again and Lo and behold it has a pile of suitable miniatures, as well as some great terrain, that will also work for Frostgrave.

Printing Cock-Ups

My FDM has now been running for 26 hours straight and is making a rather lovely small cottage… there is however a bit of a problem, this one seems to be a bit on the large side, especially for a small cottage.

Considering that the build plate itself is 22cm square then you will see what I mean. I am just going to let it run its course and then shove some figures near to it and see what they look like. To be honest I can’t remember adding a raft or the tree supports, so I am now wondering if I had somehow clicked a button to increase the size.

My other balls up was my goblin Warg rider and Warg…

Now the more observationally astute will notice… a) the lack of any goblins, or Wargs for that matter and also b) its a 2 legged moose… evidently I pressed the wrong button last night on the resin printer too…

So as I was faffing on for so long, the prints have eventually finished, the FDM printer taking 27 hours plus to finish, and it is indeed bloody huge….

On the up side, the goblin and Wargs printed properly this time…

Diorama Idea number 2

Finally… when I was hunting through a box Then I came across some of my earliest ever painted miniatures and I thought it was time for their 25 (or more) year update. So they are going to get stripped and redone in a new paint scheme… let’s see how I have progressed…

Firing up the Printer

This evening, after about four months I fired up both printers again. The Resin did a multiparty elf and dwarf and the FDM is having a go at a 28mm cottage.

I did the elf and dwarf as an idea for a diorama….

I will either do the one on one combat as above or possibly these two against a goblin on a Warg… battle of the five armies style.

I also managed to get a bit of paint onto the cultists. I decided to just go for black on the weapons. I had spent a few days trying to work out what colours to go for them…

I haven’t forgotten about the foam armour, it’s just I have run out of foam and have had to order some more.

Totoro and a Two Legged Moose

Today my daughter wanted to do some drawing so we decided to draw Totoro as Studio Ghibli films are her favourite. I printed her a Totoro (which is evidently a mispronunciation of Troll) the other day. I need to get some Greenstuff on the drain hole on his head. Luckily I put it on the leaf so then I can make a stalk to hide it.

So anyway my pictures ended up like this…

As for the two legged moose… here he is….not sure what happened to him, but I really think I am going to cease printing for a while as it is very cold in there.

He really is a rather nice model, he comes with a female and a calf too. I might just paint him anyway and shove him in some heavy brush.

Dogs, Cannibals and a Vampire

So my doggies and cannibals came off the build plate…eventually. Bloody things were stuck solid. I really think I need to have a look at what is causing it (probably the build plate is scratched to heck). I am seriously thinking of getting a flexible plate cover. This way things should technically pop off.

Anyway, first up the dogs and cannibals.

I really do like the pack dogs 😀. The cannibals are quite funky too.

I also found my mounted vampire tonight, so I think I will paint him up the same as the one on foot. Handy for Skirmish gaming…

The horse is resting on a hair bobble, he hasn’t got a weird halo!