Thankfully the couple of days of solid rain seem to have eased and I managed to get out and get things sprayed…

Now interestingly enough, when I bought the spay wheel (aka cake spinner) it was very smooth… so in a fit of curiosity I wondered how thick the layer was. It was evidently thick enough to support itself when held…

Considering this is spray paint, then it must have had a fair few layers down on it. It was actually quite satisfying scraping it off with my knife as it lifted in sheets.

Anyway enough whittering on about my paint fetish…

I have new toys!!!

So I got this very nice parcel from Museum Miniatures this morning and, shock horror, I didn’t actually open it until this evening… how about that for self control!

I have got quite a lot to paint… first up the hoplites…

Spartans are without the crest, I have twice this amount, interspersed amongst the troops are some of the officers.

Next up the skirmishers…

I have some light/medium cavalry (and a free Companion cavalryman)

And finally a pile of stuff I really didn’t need, but looked cool 🙄

And finally, this made me chortle…

6 thoughts on “A Parcel and a Break in the Weather

  1. Hey mate that idea of a cake spinner sound great ,now that the shops are allowed to open here after one hunted days of lockdown Ill get one. Snap! I’m painting Spartans and Hoplites also!!!

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