Tonight I decided to carry on with the wraiths. They won’t win any prizes, but they look ok.

I think that the greys and blacks work. I decided on an antique bronze type colour for the helmets and more exotic weapons as I felt it was better than a shiny steel look. I will photograph these tomorrow in the daylight so that they will show up all the errors, I mean so that you can see what colours I used. I will get the base edges done tomorrow.

I also got the mammoth off the plate this morning and managed to squeeze in some cows and a couple of woolly rhino to join the herd.

Yes both of these are printed in the same colour! I am not sure what happened to the white balance in the right hand photo, never mind you can see what they are at least 😂.

I learned an important printing lesson earlier…. remember to change the wash and cure station to cure when you stick you recently printed things on it. Wash tends to rotate them at about 1000 rpm and they really don’t stay in situ.

Regarding the Neolithic stuff, I have a couple more animals to print off, but that is really it for them, just to get them painted up.

I am a bit on the buggered side this evening. As I mentioned earlier on this week, the horse came in and as a money saving thing we order the shaving in bulk. We unloaded and put about 200 of the bales into the stables today. I was stacker so it meant, in some cases, arranging them above head height. We then went and got 10 bags of coal and carried them to the trailer. I then needed to change some light fittings for my in-laws. I hate working with my hands above head height. To make matters worse the lights were ornate and heavy… all in all I am just having a whinge 🥴

Tomorrow I shall hopefully get my printed stuff sprayed and will start painting too. The way the wolf and rhino were placed in the photo above makes me think about doing a diorama using them as a ‘natural’ scene…

4 thoughts on “Wraiths and some more Beasties

  1. I hope you’re feeling better but reading this made me chuckle as to how many British idiomatic expressions you could work in. If it wasn’t for GoT I’d have never known about Whinging.

    And it snowed here today, so stay warm there.


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