As you might have guessed there is never really a dull moment in my household. Today we met up with my sister and family and went rock pooling and plodging in the sea…sadly no orca in sight, which probably pleased the three seals that came to say hello.

As you can imagine, with such a nice day the beach was heaving…

You can just about see my sis in the distance!

We kept getting dive bombed by a pair of arctic tern. Luckily they didn’t draw blood but it made life interesting for a while… we suddenly found the reason why!

Spot the chick!

My niece was actually stood with one foot either side of it… needles to say we took a quick photo and moved away.

We tried a bit of rock pooling, as I said. I was extremely successful…

I also managed To catch some young Pollack (I think). So we returned home and whilst we watched Fantastic Beasts I managed to get my halflings finished and onto their bases.

Tomorrow I will get them flocked up and ready to join the rest.

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