Today I got a pile of nice things for my birthday…

No surprises as I ordered them for myself, but it was the thought that counts 😂

I am pleased with the Battle Valour stuff as I am the only person to have Some of them cue evil laugh… Mwa ha ha ha . Well okay someone may have ordered from the states, but I got mine from the only uk distributor.

I got some Ashigaru with yari as well as some more samurai. The other new things are the witches and a seer who has a cat face, the. There are the Oni hounds both large and effing huge. I also got Featherstone’s play with yourself book. I am still a bit worried that I might not find anyone to play with.

My eldest made me a cake…

I also managed to get my halflings nearly finished…

Just the bases and weapons to do.

Nature update… we put a feeder up last year for the birds and as a family of starlings was nesting nearby I thought I would help out by adding mealworms and fat balls… they have been very popular, then today this happened…

These are all fledglings

So we had a few popping too and fro…you cannot actually see them all in the photo…See how many there were… these were all youngsters

I have never seen as many fledglings in one place,

Tomorrow I hope to finish my halflings then maybe onto the skeletons, I also found my 6mm road wars stuff that definitely needs finishing.

13 thoughts on “Birthday Haul, Cake and Halflings

  1. Happy birthday! That’s a fine looking cake and the halflings are coming along nicely (just realised that this blog has most of my favourite things in a single post; wildlife, miniatures and cake. Throw in a couple of beers, a few good books and some decent metal and I’ll stay forever!). Loved seeing all those starlings too – should be enough of them for a single overwhelming strike to take out all of Shetland’s cars in one go!

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  2. Happy belated birthday! You picked out some excellent gifts and I look forward to seeing more halflings updates. I do pretty much all my wargaming solo and so I hope that book provides some inspiration and helps you enjoy your collection as well!

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