I have been promising the kids for a while now that we could get some resin done. So they promised to help me to get the shed cleared out to allow us to set unit up as a craft workshop. This isn’t too bad as it is about 2/3 the size of the house (I have a little house).

So we messed around and set up the various UV lights, one of the bottles of resin had leaked a bit so as I went outside to wash it I suddenly remembered it cured in sunlight and voila easy clean up!

So here are some bits curing under the lights.

And here is a finished pendant as done by my eldest, they did other things as well, but they went as gifts before I got them photographed.

It still needs a trim

We had good fun messing around with the colours. We learned a few things on the way. Safety protocols were in place to keep us safe, just in case you were wondering.

Tonight I didn’t get a huge amount done as friends came over for a Takeout Chinese meal. They were here quite late, so I didn’t get started until gone nine. But at least the halflings are finished.

I came across an unexpected problem with 6mm halfling basing.

I spent ages looking for one of the bases and couldn’t find it anywhere. I l found it when I went to add some flock to the next base…

It’s a case of ‘where are the Halflings?’

Tomorrow, I will finish of the various bits and bobs on the box which is the grand total of two ogres, four wolf chariots, and a few wagons. I will get the skeleton host sprayed too.

7 thoughts on “Halflings and UV Resin fun

      1. Not sure, I would have to look at the bottle. It isn’t instant, but based on the smaller stuff with the UV resin (that is 3-5 minutes) I would think it would be a bit longer,not hours though.

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