Dwarves with Added Colour

Tonight I decided that I needed to do something with the dwarves so off I set and actually managed to get quite a long way…

Woah, how weird is that… I randomly painted a black beard on one miniature on each base to start with..on the whole random to me means extreme right back figure on the base.

Still a bit of a way to go, but a lot further forward than yesterday. I also managed to find Mrs Lady a mount to carry her about, now I may change this as I have a couple of horses without barding, but I will see what I think when I give her a new horse to sit on.

A Small Amount Achieved

I managed to start thinking about colours on the cultists this evening and made a bit of a start. I also decided to use the same colour on various other bits and bobs lying about so some of the 10mm dwarves are in the same cloth 😉.

On the 1:1 scale stuff I have been a bit busier and managed to totally fix the gate as well as we managed to get pretty much all of the undercoat onto the conservatory. A number of months ago We took the dimensions of the building exterior and went into the paint shop and said hello good sir, please allow us to purchase the correct amount of extremely sticky adhesive undercoat and he took the aforementioned measurements and uttered the phrase… you shall need half a litre. So we left happy in the knowledge that we had enough. We since returned and said to the chap. What ho good sir, we were short, please sell us another half litre and we returneth to the job only to find that we ran out again!

Rattle Cans and Brushwork

To be fair there was more rattle can spraying going on than brushwork, but I have got a lot of miniatures varnished now as well as undercoated white.

I also messed about painting up some more of the knight as well as getting some colour onto the ladies and GW herald.

My Youngest did loads of jobs to allow him to purchase his own cook book. So all three of them made something. We had a three course meal with mocktails too (not to mention a cheese dip with tortilla chips for later on).

Needless to say we are all extremely stuffed.

Tiny-ish Dwarves and some Undercoated Plastic

Tonight, I decided to look out my 10mm Dwarves I had knocking about.. well let me tell you why. I was just about to leave work today and Leon from Pendraken dropped me an email to say that as I hadn’t been on the forum for a while and as such my account was about to be automatically deleted. He said thought he had better just check to see whether I wanted it to be deleted, but also to check that I was okay and that no one had given me any grief on the forum. How about that for Customer service!

So here are my small dwarven force. As it is such a small force, I may be forced ( see what I did there) to get some more.

I also managed to get a hole drilled in the feet of the 1/35th scale stuff and get a wire superglued in. Once this had dried then I gave them a blast of white undercoat…

This weekend I hope to get the Genestealer cult minis sprayed as well as the small force of dwarves…

Valhallan’s All Done

At last they are finished, to be fair, I could have pushed on a bit more at times and got them done, but I didn’t so we are where we are.

They really just need a varnish and some of the sand knocking off the bottoms of the coats. I am rather pleased with these, they have turned out sort of how I envisaged them in my head. The one thing I am really happy with is the walker camouflage. So I am going to have. Few days away from 40k miniatures and carryon with some of my stuff.

I eventually got around to finishing my mounted squire. He seems to work with the others in the group. The only thing I am not so happy about is the horse tack. It is a bit too bright for my liking. It may get repainted sometime.

Valhallan’s… Just the Basing To Go

Tonight I got all of the insignia done on the Valhallan’s. I probably spent more time shaking the paint than I did painting the, but hey ho…

I will probably see some stuff that needs doing as I move forwards, but they are certainly near the end of the journey now. They will be based with the same sand as the walker…

I also got some pant onto the wizard and foot soldier…

Not the most productive evening, but at least I managed something.

Speed Painting

Tonight I speed painted details on various miniatures, the blankets on the Valhallan’s have all had their straps painted, the officer has had his medal ribbons done too. Really just the insignia to do and then basing and hopefully they will be done.

I also slapped the paint on various Alternative Armies miniatures as well as the plastic Warhammer Quest wizard.

I was messing around with various bits of blue-tack today and ended up making a rather funky planet…

Who Turned out the Lights?

So tonight it was a bit like a Barry Manilow concert in here…

After two days of gales, on the nice calm day following, we have the power cut. Personally I reckon a starling sat on the power line and caused one of the damaged poles to give up the ghost.

Needless to say I didn’t try out painting by candle light, I mean I could have tried it, but chose discretion instead. I did however, get to fondle my new toys!

Evidently these are the instructions and painting reference!

Snow… What Snow?

So after a number of weeks of whiteness everywhere we awoke to pretty much this this morning…

I think I prefer the snow, the winds are up to to about 60mph, gusting higher, and at least is rain rather than snow. A bit miffed I never got my Valhallan’s photographed in their natural environment. Unst has warned that its roads are remaining closed due to severe drifting snow.

Okay to be fair it is about 40 miles away as the crow flies from my house to the centre of the island and indeed, when we were first up here we went for a day out to Unst and turned around due to drifting snow, which by time we got back to the ferry had totally disappeared.

It will soon be spring, except we don’t really have a proper spring, it’s more like winter, a few days of sort of spring then Summer. On the up side it there is still light in the sky gone 17.00 now.

Hopefully I will get more painting done this afternoon.

More Painting?

Now I am not a scientist, but who would have thought that not playing with the kids on the PS4 would actually mean there is more time to paint things…weird eh?

Anyway I actually managed to get a couple of things finished, upon saying that I reckon that I could do a bit more on each one…

I also got some more done on the bits and pieces from Warhammer Quest…

I made a good start on the missing Vox Caster, he needs his coat darkening to match in with the rest..

I must admit, I have found it difficult to get motivated of late, my painting table in the lounge is covered in random half painted miniatures, which probably isn’t helping.

I have got some more stuff from my mate to paint up, a unit of Space Marines and some Genestealer cult miniatures. I have said that I want to get some of my stuff done first…

I ended up looking at more miniatures today, but was pleased with myself that I didn’t buckle and hit the purchase button. I toyed with the idea of getting rid of my 15th Century Perry’s cavalry and replace them with the Agincourt ones. I needed some cavalry quick for Lion Rampant and that was all that I could get hold of at the time (plus the earlier ones weren’t even a thing). I could have purchased metal ones, but they worked out as double the cost of the plastic’s.

The one thing I am really considering is the ACW ironclads, not sure why, but it is an itch that is getting itchier. Stupid thing is I have no real interest in ACW, I can pick some up cheap enough for the printer, but to be honest, it would be another pile of STL’s sitting there on the external hard drive.