Twenty Minutes at Gas Mark 8 & New Reading Material

I have had a bit of an easy day today. I nipped into town to get my new book that the book shop had ordered in for me…

When I was a kid my parents got me a subscription to Look and Learn. The one main thing I can remember about it was the Trigan Empire. That and somewhat spurious articles. So when the kids and I were in the book shop last week I saw volumes two and three so just had tofrt the first one.

I managed to get the cavalry put knto bases and some sa d put on for texture… now this is where I almost had a mishap. I was cooking dinner in the oven and the pva wasn’t dry and I wanted it to be… can you guess where this is going?

So I popped them and their Cork tile on a tray in the ovenfor a couple of minutes…yeah right…about twenty minutes later I looked to see if the PVA was dry and realised to my horror that they were still in the oven…. luckily everything survived the process…

Here they are after their spell at gas mark 8. There were a couple of big bubbles of something, either superglue or basing glue, but a poke with a nail flattened them out. I will try and get the whole lot sprayed tomorrow morning.

Out in the Verse.

Tonight we played the Firefly boardgame. We started off with the first mission for new players. This was pretty much over in an hour… I managed to win the first game by some totally legal means…

As it was over so quickly we moved onto another set of missions, this one took about two and a half hours. We had to be the first to get to $12000. Joe managed it, but unfortunately still had $6000 worth of jobs outstanding. Luckily I had just finished two of mine so actually ended up winning by default. To be fair his dice rolls were spectacularly bad, anything but a one, produced three ones in a row….

The game was a laugh, so it is something we will probably play again sometime.

Clearing the Decks for Action

This evening I thought I had better get rid of some of the half finished projects on my painting station. As the 2mm cavalry and infantry were on the top I went with them.

Because of Birthday, bath and bed, I really didnt have time to do too much. Flesh over everything then starting to add different browns etc for the cavalry and then white for the shield fronts on the Greek infantry. These will get the bronze armour done next.

As for the 6mm Italian Wars stuff, well I am going to have to go back through my blog to see what size I printed them at… 60% I think, but I will have to give it a look see.

When I said yesterday that I thought I had enough arqubusiers… this is what I am talking about…

Now I think I gave Joe a pile, perhaps not, that might be the reason why I still have an armies worth in a box.

I am actually feeling a little daunted with the task ahead. So to get myself into the groove I am going to go for well painted (relatively in my case) on the front row on each base with speed painting on the following ranks. As you can see by the photo I showed yesterday, there isn’t much room to see a lot of high quality paint work.

To be honest I could probably get away with painting the outside two and then getting the rest done in a dark wash, with the odd splash of colour on the upper torso and head. The one thing I do know is that I am going to hate painting pikes by time this is over.

I know I am grumbling a bit, but I do reckon they are going to look pretty good by time they are all finished.

Watching Paint Dry

I managed to get the sand covered in PVA this morning, so it was ready to paint this evening…

I got cracking with the bases painting the base green level with added brown for roads and building areas…

This photo was taken four hours ago and the paint is still wet… so I have indeed been watching paint dry this evening. I couldn’t be bothered to go and get a mixing tile so grabbed the next best thing…

Yes a good old Tesco Yeast extract lid was washed and available.

My Friend Carl pointed me in the direction of a new Kickstarter…and as I am running an Alien RPG … I just had to go and have a look…. we all know where this is going don’t we! Aliens

I am doing a freebie one this evening… five and a half hours… I am used to 50 minutes…. I am doing a couple, one for me and one for Carl. Freebie

I will find out tomorrow how well they have come out.

Small Scale Agriculture

This evening I decided to crack on with my Roman farms and vineyards l decided to use what I had handy so they went on the 80 x 40 MDF that was in the house. My old CD’s were in the bottom shed and it was heaving it down.

So they don’t look like much now, but I am hoping with a bit of paint that they will look OK.

The vineyard in the foreground is wool wrapped around the base that is covered in Copydex… I had an assistant for the wool winding part…

Why is it when you do two or three test runs that work perfectly, when you add the glue it all goes to pot?

Tomorrow I will get these covered in watered down PVA to seal down the sand..if I am clever I will remember to do them jn the morning, ready for painting tomorrow evening.

Triarii Make an Appearance

Yes the veterans have made a fashionably late appearance… probably due to trying to travel whilst kneeling

So after painting them and cutting them off their bases I tried them on the two base ideas from yesterday…

I am really finding that the velites are tricky to get off their supports. I have had to glue some of the above back together and to be honest some ended up lost on the floor.

Tomorrow I will do another six units red, then start on different scutum colours for different legions.

Out and About

Well there is no painting or anything tonight, i had a nice hike looking for Neolithic Archaeology today… you can read about it here…Neolithic Landscape

Gaming tomorrow night, but I may have time to get some more bits and bobs done.

I have got some ideas for making 2mm grape vines to go along with my Romanesque buildings. I might have a play in a minute and see how the idea works. They will not, however, look like this….

Bits and Bobs…

Today I managed go get some more slicing and printing done. More Gauls have been added to the box. I also managed to shrink my 6mm Italian buildings down to fit the 2mm troops…

Here they are next to their larger cousins. I put a 2mm elephant in the foreground.

I am also printing more 2mm troops. This time with an oval shield.

I had a bit of a problem with a couple of the last 10mm buildings. The two on the left warped… probably a support failure.

Today I had to sort out the header tank for the septic tank. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as last time.

Tomorrow we are going up Ronas Hill… Shetland’s largest. We are off to look at a stone axe ‘factory’

Mind blowing fact… well it us to me… Iceland (the country, not the shop) is closer to Shetland than Yorkshire and Faroe is closer than Aberdeen…

Nelly and the Elephants

Tonight I thoughti would crack on with the elephants. I managed to get them finished and I think they are rather cute…

This is them on an 80×40 base…here’s a different view of them…

If I base them on this size thenI am going to have light infantry in amongst them too. This wil stop the pesky Velites from scaring my pachyderms. These aren’t glued down yet, they are merely placed for effect. I have another eight without the howdah that aren’t in the photo.

Having a Night Off

Well… it is sort of a night off… I haven’t  painted anything, but I did get some more slicing done on Carl’s 10mm buildings…

Because of their height there is a 6 hour print time.

I have also started looking for hex maps of the Punic Wars… there is a Strategy and Tactics version thT may be of use… I will have to have a look and see what else I can find.

So I am going forcan early night tonight and will take a book to bed with me….