Busy, Busy, Busy

Today I did a lot of slicing… I decided to build an undead army so off I set.

I also got three skeleton command miniatures printed and undercoated.

I also got my small scale hills sprayed green. Added bases to the 15 mm Samurai, started building four market stalls and made a start on the Sohei monks…

My youngest was in a play this afternoon so we went to watch that too.

As I said, I was busy, busy, busy

A Quick Repaint

Tonight we had a family game night and as such I didn’t get a lot of time for painting. I did however repaint the blue shroud to fit in with the grey ones…

I will get some skeletons printed tomorrow.

Back with the Rust

I had another blast with the rust this evening. I resprayed the piece and this time on the back side I put the superglue and baking powder on first and then spayed it afterwards … it was a heck of a lot quicker than yesterday’s version….

I also got a bit more done on the ghostly skeletons…

Something New to Try…

Well after painting loads of undead Napoleonics and starting on a plan to take over the world with undead skeletons I decided that I needed a way to make rust look good….so i had heard of this range of materials…

So rather than just slop on the rust I decided tonuse some superglue and fine sand to make a texturedsurdace on the axe…in hindsight I should have just used baking powder, but hey ho…

So when it was dry I slapped some metal colour over the top and then threw some of the rust stuff on the axe head…. bloody he’ll in about two minutes it looked like rusty metal… I kid you not

I was actually bit gob smacked, sadly with the size of the mini it is really hard to see with a camera but I did try and get a photo…

You will have to trust me, it looks better in real life.

I then went for the moss effect for the grave stone…..

You can just about see the rust colour on the head of the axe in this shot.

Again I was happy with the result.

Now to be honest this was me spending 30 seconds flinging a new product on a model, but it seems to do what it is meant to do. I will find something a bit bigger to paint another day.

This stuff isn’t cheap, at all. Makes Contrast paint look cheap. The best deal I got was the three bottles for £22 with free postage. It is a solvent based paint and dries really, really fast, so no smoking fags near them when they are open. As you can see from the bottles they are a good old size, so should last a while.

As for the verdigris, I want some of the skeletons on bronze armour…so thought this might help.

I am hoping to do some more testing of these sometime soon and will keep you updated to speed on what I find.

Nowt Done

I went to work today and wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders, so g time i returned home I was just about able to watch YouTube and sit onbthe sofa going blurgggghhh.

My intention was to paint one of these gone fellows but sadly, it didn’t happen…

Hopefully I will be in to the challenge tomorrow.

Three Legions

This evening I decided to try out the 2mm legions. The central one has its Velites as well as a line of Triarii…

The bases are 80x120mm. Normally the bases are 60x120mm for the army sized ones. Skirmishes have same frontage but are 10mm deep.

Ghostly Skeleton

Or perhaps it is a Skeleton ghost… either way it is done… I have five more to go but this one was my test subject.

I also got the bulk of the four legions painted as well as some sand getting put onto three legion bases, I would have done four but ran out of glue and sand.

Starting to get Going

I slept for about four hours this afternoon. But after dinner I got my 2mm legions sprayed as well as a 28mm ghost from Highland Miniatures.

I have enough cohorts to make six republican legions. I intend to paint each legion in a different colour.

I also had some EPVC knocking about so did some hills for the 2mm stuff too…

Bushi Buntai

Today I printed off some more 15mm miniatures. Only problem I had was losing a foot.

I was feeling so much better today, then bam .. at 16.30 whatever string had been holding me up was suddenly cut and off to bed I needed to go.

Still positive and although the government says I can return to work tomorrow I have decided to take another day.