Tonight, although Bonfire night (not that we went anywhere), gave me the opportunity to splash some more paint about…

They are starting to come together, but are now at the ‘looks bloody awful’ stage. I reckon these should be done by the weekend. I am trying to get the same colour on each model, the red is the one colour where I might struggle unless it goes on an amulet or something. The one with the staff has blood dripping off the end of the horn dagger and the one cutting himself also allows for the red. I will have to find a way to get it on the rest.

Temperature here has dropped below freezing for the first time this evening….on the upside all the various firework parties will have had a good evening.

The up side of it being bloody freezing is that we had a bright, clear day…It was a nice run over to work this morning.

Tomorrow I shall carry on with the beastmen and then… I have a whole host of options, either finish some more 10mm Mongols, 15mm Samurai or even get some more Flintloque minis painted.

I will have to see where my paint brush takes me 🤔

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