Beastmen Finished

This evening saw the end of the painting for the Beastmen. There was a bit more than I thought there would be and to be honest when I add the photo to here in a bit I am bound to see something I missed! 😂

As promised I have added both factions side by side…

I have thoroughly enjoyed painting both factions. I don’t actually know if I have got a favourite one.

My aim for this lot was to paint in only contrast paint, and to be truthful, I used some AP Dark wash for the black and a dot of blue for a wash on the severed head. The metallics were done in GW standard paint. But that is it – once the white spray was done everything after that (apart from the above) was Contrast. Some white was used to tidy up, but that took it back to the base spray colour.

So what have I learned from this…

First off, I like Contrast paint… I was really pleased with it for the 10 and 15mm minis, but this was the first time doing a full 28mm miniatures and I am chuffed with the results. These are quite textured miniatures, I might dig out my space marine scouts and see what happens to them.

Secondly, the paint on the whole does what it is meant to do, I like some other people, was sceptical. My kids got me some for my birthday. I got a few more, then a few more and a few more still. Since getting a bigger range I haven’t touched the AP paints at all. I think my initial scepticism was unfounded.

To be fair some colours work better than others. Over white, the black looks dark grey, but I reckon putting it over a grey base coat would darken things down a bit, either that or stick to going over it with the AP dark tone.

So like most things there are down sides too…

Price, these things ain’t cheap, and if you add in the ‘special’ spray cans, individual pots of matching undercoat and mixing medium then things get pricey very quickly. If you are like me, you can buy a grey and white auto spray can that costs about £4.00 and go over the top of that with the Contrast paint. I have a pot of Matt medium which, at 500ml will last me a good while.

Pot design – same crap design as usual, tall pot that easily overbalances and pours your expensive paint everywhere. I 3D printed a pot holder and so far I have been lucky when I haven’t used it. Luckily the paint is thin, so the tops are closing properly. However on some of the ones I have used a lot I have noticed a build up of residue.

Stupid bloody names. I have each pot that I own written down, so when I go into the shop as I can’t remember them, let alone spell them. When writing up my blog, if they are in front of me they get named, if they are back in the box then they are brown, blue or red paint. One day they may come up with names like Khaki shit and nipple pink, at least I would remember them.

So in short, even with the failings mentioned above, I do like them. I must, as my new GW standard paint totals about five pots and three of them are metallic!

So moving away from the miniatures for a bit

Well this has to be one of the best adverts for Remembrance I have seen in a long time…

It made my a bit tearful to be honest. Not sure why. I never met my Grandad on my dad’s side he died ten years before I was born in 1956. He survived a gas attack at 3rd Ypres and after being invalided out of the army he returned to the North East of England and returned to the mines where the coal dust finished off what the gas had started. He was one of the ones that made it home at least.

I have been doing Remembrance with my class, and showed them the Reawick war memorial embedded in the cemetery wall. It has the dead split into three groups, lost at sea, killed in action and also died of illness contracted during service. I have never seen this before. The only thing I can think of in this case is that they outnumber the other two causes of loss.

Still one of the best songs out there…

Not to forget this too…

Beastmen…Final Furlong

These are now so close to finishing, but I ran out of steam.

First up the Ungors…

Still bits and pieces to either tidy up or still to paint. Scars, beard and earring on the rear middle for starters.

As for the big two…

A similar story…

the bases had a bit of a repaint, I did the main colour then spot painted/tidied things up before painting in the bones, rock and vegetation.

Definitely on course for a finish tomorrow. I would have been able to finish today but it would seem our small freezer has given up the ghost and everything started to defrost, so rather than bin everything we have spent a long time cooking stuff and making it into things so that they can be frozen in the big freezer.

Beastmen VIII… Metalwork

So tonight I set about doing the metalwork on these.

I decided on steel rather than a bronze colour. A few bits and bobs to do on them, then onto the bases.

I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed painting these. They were easy to paint and I think that the Contrast paint has done a good job on them. Once the bases are done I will stick them alongside the Fey for a comparison shot. There are less bushes on these and more bones as befits their character.

I probably could have got a bit more done today as I got home quite early today, but was knackered, so decided to just chill a bit. I did consider giving the painting a miss tonight, but as there wasn’t much metalwork on these then I thought I might as well do something. I mixed a bit of black contrast with the gun metal to darken it. I might go over it all with a brown (if I can be arsed) maybe they nicked it from an armoury which is why it it shiny.

The upside of coming home early is that it was still light when I headed off… nice colours on the way home (including heavy snow showers over towards where I live)…

Tomorrow I hope to get the bases finished and then who knows where I will go. I do have a lot of Middle Earth stuff to paint just now 😂

Beastmen VII

Further progress made this evening….

I feel like they have really turned the corner now. There is mainly the metalwork and bases to sort out (not to mention all the bits I missed but failed to notice until the final photo.

Tonight was all about painting the smaller bit and pieces. I found that the Aggoros dunes (or however it is spelled) makes a really nice flint colour.

The next conundrum I have is what colour to paint the metal, I was going to go for ‘iron’ for the axe and maille and a bronze kind of colour for the stomach plates and piercings.

I am sure I will come up with something.

Beastmen…Adding Red

Tonight, very little was done. We suddenly realised that my daughter’s personal project had to be in by tomorrow (anyone with school aged children will recognise this, along with they need to be dressed up as a… (insert costume you will least likely have here) for tomorrow morning).

Anyway her homework being finished by half nine meant a small window of opportunity to get something painted. I therefore followed lordcommandereloth’s advice and painted various bits red to tie everything in with the red armoured beast.

I still reckon I should get these finished by the weekend, well I hope I will. Still a lot to do but a small amount of progress is still progress.

Today was another glorious day, it does however mean that the temperature has plummeted this evening. The car was registering -2 at five thirty this evening. However it did mean I got to take some nice photos from work to add to the website.

It was lovely and peaceful when I left work. The moon was up bathing the sea in moonlight… all very peaceful, sadly no photos as my iPad just couldn’t cope with the dark.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get a bit more time to paint over some more white.

Beastmen V

Tonight, although Bonfire night (not that we went anywhere), gave me the opportunity to splash some more paint about…

They are starting to come together, but are now at the ‘looks bloody awful’ stage. I reckon these should be done by the weekend. I am trying to get the same colour on each model, the red is the one colour where I might struggle unless it goes on an amulet or something. The one with the staff has blood dripping off the end of the horn dagger and the one cutting himself also allows for the red. I will have to find a way to get it on the rest.

Temperature here has dropped below freezing for the first time this evening….on the upside all the various firework parties will have had a good evening.

The up side of it being bloody freezing is that we had a bright, clear day…It was a nice run over to work this morning.

Tomorrow I shall carry on with the beastmen and then… I have a whole host of options, either finish some more 10mm Mongols, 15mm Samurai or even get some more Flintloque minis painted.

I will have to see where my paint brush takes me 🤔

Beastmen III

So, as expected, I didn’t get a huge amount done tonight.

I managed to get their legs done, once again with Gore Grunta and black, similar to the Fey.

I also opened the Shyish Purpleand decided to give the cloth a go with that. I basically was a bit messy on this as there are so many dangly bits hanging from belts etc, I thought it easier to go over everything with the same amount of paint rather than pain around every tooth and amulet (of which there are a lot). Tomorrow, when the purple is dry, I will repaint all the annoying bits white again (and repaint the hooves too) then paint whatever I think needs doing next.

The big beastie with the axe will still have red armour. No doubt this will clash horribly with the red, but somehow I can’t see the clan chief rolling its eyes and muttering loudly… “I just can’t believe he is wearing red armour with the purple kilt!” Or maybe he will and that’s how and why leadership battles occur!

Regarding today’s One Ring RPG

The fellowship managed to take down a troll in two rounds…. one character inflicting 43 hit points worth of damage alone. Okay it was an under strength troll, but still! Never have I seen so many damage success dice so often. My troll only got to roll once to hit the nasty dwarf and missed. He never got a second chance 😢.

Beastmen… A Smidge Further Forward

Today was a busy one, lots of running about like a loon, so very little done today. I ha£ to sit as a bouncer and doorman at the kids Halloween party. I had the unusual job of not letting people out, rather than not letting them in!

The one thing I did manage was to get some paint on the fur.

I have decided to go with a black fur, it still looks naff at the minute with all the white surrounding it. Hopefully, once everything else is painted then it will look ok. If not I repaint those bits white and recolour. (Edit to post)…I just had a look at the picture of the Minis in the rules, to actually see what colour the metalwork was…lo and behold…

Black/grey fur…. possible subliminal recall, I would have sworn they were brown though.

I did think to do it Gore Grunta, but it would look a bit too much like the skin tone as I mixed it with the flesh tone to make a darker skin colour.

I will also have to have a think about metalwork colours. The obvious one is ‘gun metal’ with a silver highlight for the weapons. The picture above has black armour, but mine would end up the same as the fur. I will probably go for a dark red…possibly 🤣.

Tomorrow I am off to see my sister who has moved back to Shetland, I am also running another RPG, so I may not get much done tomorrow either.

Beastmen Making a Start

It really was just a start, got in late after having to drive past the house and head off to do the horse. Came back and did a couple of batches of flapjacks (from what turned out to be a duff recipe) for my good ladies Moder Dy event tomorrow evening.

Anyway I had a look at my various contrast paint and decided that I had nothing that would act as a skin tone, therefore I did a mix of two parts guilliman flesh and one part gore grunta fur.

I was hoping to get a bit further on, but sadly not this evening.

The one useful thing I have got is a set of these covering the full Contrast range

Sadly I can’t remember where I got these from, so cannot credit the person who did all of the work… it was obviously from Someone called James!

Tomorrow it will be all of the fur, as well the legs and hooves. Looking at these miniatures, there is going to be a lot of fiddly stuff going on. All of them will more than likely give me a headache. As an example the ungor between the two larger ones is cutting his own chest and seems to have a number of healed scars. Another of them has piercings everywhere!