Tonight, very little was done. We suddenly realised that my daughter’s personal project had to be in by tomorrow (anyone with school aged children will recognise this, along with they need to be dressed up as a… (insert costume you will least likely have here) for tomorrow morning).

Anyway her homework being finished by half nine meant a small window of opportunity to get something painted. I therefore followed lordcommandereloth’s advice and painted various bits red to tie everything in with the red armoured beast.

I still reckon I should get these finished by the weekend, well I hope I will. Still a lot to do but a small amount of progress is still progress.

Today was another glorious day, it does however mean that the temperature has plummeted this evening. The car was registering -2 at five thirty this evening. However it did mean I got to take some nice photos from work to add to the website.

It was lovely and peaceful when I left work. The moon was up bathing the sea in moonlight… all very peaceful, sadly no photos as my iPad just couldn’t cope with the dark.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get a bit more time to paint over some more white.

9 thoughts on “Beastmen…Adding Red

  1. These guys are coming on nicely mate ,the red looks good ,you mentioned the temperature being -2 in the evening ,excuse my ignorance but wouldn’t you mean morning .My wife and I were in Thurso in October last time last year and it was cold, but I don’t think it got anywhere near a minus so I’ll be interested in a weather lesson from a local !

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