So I decided to move away from tanks, goblins and samurai and give the new purchase a paint.

As per normal, I am experimenting with the contrast paint. I painted the flesh tones and made a start on the centaur body too. The Black isn’t exactly what I call black. It is what I would call grey, but over a white undercoat, it is probably going to come out grey.

All of the fey have some paint on them now, I will carry on tomorrow.

I will give the hair another blast if the black and see if that makes it closer to black. The lower bodies of the three on foot (or should that be hoof) will have similar colours to the centaur.

7 thoughts on “Fey…Making a Start

  1. Looks good to me. The black is a really dark grey so that the contrast can leave some highlights, which is how they’ve come up in the photos. For a properly black black, you’d paint black and highlight as per usual. if you just want to darken the depths, I’d suggest either hitting them with Dark Tone/Nuln Oil if you want everything that bit darker, or Nuln Oil Gloss if you only want to darken the “shadows”. A second coat of Black Templar will likely just give you a real dark, dark grey-black, but also kill your contrast paint highlights…

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    1. First time I had used the black, I will probably go down the dark tone route, I had considered it, but you never know the grey might grow on me or I forget to do it and get them varnished, then remember 😁

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