There I was today minding my own business, killing time before popping in to see my mate and this happened…

This is one of the games played by a few people at the Sunday Club, which is Shetland Wargames club, the original Shetland club is called Thule Gamers. Anyway I digress.

This box was packed to the top with stuff…

There are eleven miniatures. One set, the dark colour, are a Beastman faction and the other, the green sprue, are a fey Force, part of a wild hunt type force.

The game needs special dice supplied as well as various cards, both miniature and also objective, ploy and upgrade. There are 102 cards, not to mention a whole host of tokens.

The figures themselves are lovely…

These are snap together and don’t require glue, we shall see how that pans out! If I had one criticism of these is that a couple of them are balanced on. Single point of contact. The centaur in the background, although in a superbly dynamic pose, is poised on its front hoof. The plastic itself feels a wee bit softer than some of the older plastics, but possibly it is because I am more used to Perry’s plastic miniatures and haven’t had a good look at the GW stuff in a good while.

Regarding GW, although never a total fan boy, I did have a fair bit of their stuff, then, as everybody knows, they went a bit weird and started doing weird shit regarding pricing and the like, this turned me off them to be honest. This is my first real foray back into the company (apart from their paint – which frankly dries up as soon as you open the pots). So fair play to them this box is a full game, yes you can buy lots of bits and bobs for it, but it is a game with both sides.

Still not super cheap, at £45, but there again not silly expensive. The amount of figures within is not daunting…eleven in total. The other thing GW has is their TV channel where they show you how to build the forces and also paint one of each type up.

I have sprayed the fey with white earlier and I will have a go at painting one tomorrow.

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