I decided to push on with these tonight…

Still loads to do but definitely getting there. My biggest problem was that bits that needed painting couldn’t be because of things like the centaur armour and on of the sword arms of another. I decided to get these off…

One side came off fine, but the other snapped off 🤬. On the up side the beastmen don’t seem to have anything similar to get in the way.I moved away totally from the box art, for a Start bright orange hair just doesn’t say fey to me, it always make me think of dwarf slayers. I darkened down the hair with some Army Painter dark wash. I am a lot happier with this than just the Contrast Black yesterday.

Hopefully I will be able to get some more done tomorrow evening as life is more than likely going to get in the way as I have my eldest of to a friends house, I will be off visiting my mate and all sorts of shenanigans like that.

6 thoughts on “Fey… Further Work

  1. These are coming along very nicely. Ouch on the breaks, but if it’s any small consolation for you, I’m certainly going to be very aware of the armour paint issue when it comes to doing my own thanks to your post… so …silver lining for someone else?

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