I took a little bit of time this evening to get the bases covered in Geek Gaming Base ready stuff… and because I am a total pillock I forgot to get some brown paint onto the white tops. Needless to say, if any of the flock drops off then the white will stick out like a diamond in a sweeps ear hole.

But anyway here are the six of them… there are bits of white visible, but I will add a bit more flock or tufts over the top before I get them sealed down…

I also got something today that I had forgotten that I ordered…

Not the world’s best photo, but it was purchased to support Ukrainian charities. I love Jon’s artwork and was a bit chuffed to get a signed one, okay it is not an original piece of artwork, but I reckon the statement at the bottom pretty much sums up what is going onnjn Ukraine.

Oh and according to my wife and daughter I am being a bit of a fan girl about getting this 🤣.

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