Well this was a very long time coming, but I think, and hope, that I have finished the 6mm Italian wars troops…

This is the final twelve bases worth painted and covered in sand. I have eighteen other ones in this state that will need the bases painting.

I reckon the empty filament spool landing on the pikes really put a dent in my enjoyment of the project. I checked back through my blog posts and began printing in July at the very least. In September I began painting after my Irregular Miniatures arrived, to be fair it hasn’t been a constant run of painting as I lost heart after the splat of doom occurred.

Anyway I will paint up the bases tomorrow and put everything out together to see what it looks like. In all honesty most of them have sat in a box since they were painted.

You may remember that I halved the number of pike bases jn a unit. I hope it is going to look okay in the final army. Only time will tell to be honest.

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