I actually got my butt into gear this evening and got some paint onto the Hog. To be honest there are so many things wrong with this miniature that it is going to become a test miniature… well unless I suddenly like it:)

I will carry on with this over the next while and see how it goes.

I am going to try and get hold of some decals to help with numbers etc.

7 thoughts on “Painting Windows

  1. Good progress there! 🙂 I leave “solid” windows until after the overall colour is on the vehicle (or helicopter in this case) so that I can decide what “glass” colour looks best. With olive green vehicles I either go with grey or blue grey window shades. I also paint them the opposite way to you, with the lighter portions near the bottom of the windows to give an idea that the upper part of the vehicle interior is darker because light doesn’t reach it.

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      1. Sadly, no, I paint them that rarely, if ever! Thinking on though, I’ve got a Warmachine mini somewhere with a telescope if I can find it. I think with sunglasses I’d paint them dark overall with maybe a single highlight “dot” near an upper corner to represent light catching them, but that’s a guess!

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