If you remember I said that GW had sent us their Alliance box for the Geek Club.

This came with a pile of miniatures, a set of paints and probably the worst brushes I have ever seen. The ones from Wish were as good or even better. It was me using one of the brushes and not the kids.

The other thing it came with was a little booklet on what else they can get. So me being me showed them how much things cost… they know how much the resin miniatures cost so there were lots of ‘Woah’, ‘Ehhh’ and ‘HOW Much!!!’

They do want to have a go with the stuff after they have finished their current miniatures.

They also got a little piece of plasticised card that acts as a mixing palette. There were a couple of cardboard gaming boards and dice with rules to play the games. Their little booklet had some colour in pages to help decide on what colours to use.

So what do I think of the box… if I wanted to buy what was in there it would cost me loads of cash. There is a lot of plastic in there. Problem is if I wanted to play an actual game then then the kids would have to sell hundreds more.

While I realise the box is designed to get younger kids into the very expensive GW world, they were the only ones to actually respond and to offer something.

I really doubt any of them are going to be galloping off to the local toy shop, but at the end of the day if they decide to then I will support them in whatever way I can.

11 thoughts on “What’s in the Box

  1. Brushes in those sorts of sets are usually crap. I end up using them for either dry brushing or painting metallics. Saves my good brushes. Looks like a nice package though! Good selection of paints to start with. Looks like white and black. Plus red, blue, and yellow, which can be used to mix up other colors too.

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  2. Out of curiosity, what kinds of miniatures are in the box and how many did they send you in total? I can see a space marine, a Necron, and a Stormcast which is much better variety than I would have guessed. I’m glad they sent something to the kids and it used to be that some really small Starter boxes (not the big ones, we’re talking under $30 quid) and easy to build minis were cheap by GW’s standards. So that might help some kids who want to buy some of their own later on.

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    1. This is the mini list…

      48 Miniatures
      – 12 Stormcast Vindicators
      – 12 Kruleboyz
      – 12 Space Marine Intercessors
      – 12 Necron Warriors
      12 Dice
      2 Double Sided Gaming Mats
      Push out cardboard ruins for use in games

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  3. Yup, as expected, they’re the only ones to come through with something.

    The issue on “value”/cost/RRP is of course the problem, and it’s also why I sadly don’t encourage younger people I know IRL to get into the “Warhammer” hobby, instead directing them to board games and the like instead. Remember, we have Australian prices here….

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