Well sort of…I still need to get the washes on to add some shading.

So this week I have painted 62 miniatures…. somwhat is left from the printed lot… six wraith cavalry and the mounted Liche and then the zombies… so I reckon that by this time next week I should have the whole army finished…. well hopefully 🤞🤞🤞.

The remaining miniatures are almost all undercoated so I will make a start on the zombies tomorrow.

Today we power washed the stables at the farm…

It got a bit wet in there… but we got it all cleaned off…I now ache though… hoisting twenty odd 6×4 rubber mats that are an inch thick takes its toll.

15 thoughts on “Boyar Completed

  1. 62?! Congrats on those! My favorite of the Boyers is the one without the helm, that skull turned out real nice! I can only imagine the smell when power washing the stables, haha!

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