This evening I managed to make a bit more progress with the Spanish, or rather Catalucian Elves.

Two grenadiers, two irregulars, two line and a light infantryman. Obviously these are elves, but I have tried to use 1808 Spanish uniforms for ideas… as an example the grenadiers and regulars should have white cross belts, but as they are fantasy, then mine have black.

I actually used Speedpaints for the purple, but as you can imagine I was super careful to make sure it only went where it should go, especially when the uniform was white. Obviously I could have chosen a whole host of facing colours, but I fancied purple.

I still have to work on the white on the uniforms, as can be seen on the grayish leg on one of the regulars.

Out of interest, Shetland had a bit of an unusual visitor in one of the voes near to where I live…

The above is a sperms whale and it is bloody huge, sadly, as it is huge, it shouldn’t be there. I took some better photos with my camera. I will share them on the Shetland blog when I get them off.

The whale is still hanging in there…

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