Thus evening I noticed an issue with one of my back tyres, so when I got home I got ready to change it, everything ready to get the spare out… okay first off, the boot won’t open from the outside, but never mind a climb over the back seat and the boot was popped…

I removed the crap out of the boot and opened the lid to reveal the spare, my nice new spare… sadly the screw down plastic turnscrew thing was not playing. An hour and 45 minutes later with the aid of an angle grinder I got the spare out, and 10 minutes after that had the wheel changed…

Needless to say my evening’s painting was somewhat curtailed, but I managed to do a smidge on the Spanish Elves…

The one thing I noticed tonight was that the big strapping grenadier on the right is the smallest miniature in the whole set…

8 thoughts on “I Hate Effing Cars!

  1. I do feel for you mate,Although I have a new car I kept the old one as a work horse and for Fi to use, Ever since I bought it 12 years ago the passenger side window( Automatic) would close and you have to hand assist it until the last 6 inches when it speeds up and catches ones fingers!!! I’m sure it has a sick sense of humor!!

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    1. One of my windows on it is shut with mastic as it kept falling open, the other is buggered too, but I need it to be openable from the outside so that when it locks itself with the yes in then I can get back into the car.

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