The Spanish Take Shape

This evening I managed to make a bit more progress with the Spanish, or rather Catalucian Elves.

Two grenadiers, two irregulars, two line and a light infantryman. Obviously these are elves, but I have tried to use 1808 Spanish uniforms for ideas… as an example the grenadiers and regulars should have white cross belts, but as they are fantasy, then mine have black.

I actually used Speedpaints for the purple, but as you can imagine I was super careful to make sure it only went where it should go, especially when the uniform was white. Obviously I could have chosen a whole host of facing colours, but I fancied purple.

I still have to work on the white on the uniforms, as can be seen on the grayish leg on one of the regulars.

Out of interest, Shetland had a bit of an unusual visitor in one of the voes near to where I live…

The above is a sperms whale and it is bloody huge, sadly, as it is huge, it shouldn’t be there. I took some better photos with my camera. I will share them on the Shetland blog when I get them off.

The whale is still hanging in there…

Next up on the Painting Table

Another eclectic mix!

Bange and Oafson – two Trolkin officers. They fight with the Krolsberg Jagers and command the 1st Regiments, 3rd Company between them both holding the rank of Captain. These two fight alongside the Ferach in the Witchlands.

The artist Goyah- this dark elf artist is part of the set (VLE07)with the Todoroni aristocrat Frappechino. On the surface he has sided with the Ferach after being left behind when the court was evacuated. He is free to travel anywhere in the Ferach lands.

Finally an Ogre of the KGL (Krautian Giant Legion) 1st Staff Detachment.

Hidden Stash

Dark Elves,

After bemoaning the amount of figures I still have to paint, I went into work today and found a box of Dark Elf guerillas hidden in plain sight. Now this is a little tricky as I was going to base most of my games in the North. I have the mounted La Spiga to act as an officer as well as the priest. The conundrum is, do I just get rid of these or, do I somehow incorporate them into whatever I am doing…..