This evening we went off gallivanting into the Alien Universe again. The plucky trio were rescued by some androids who took them to an old research station, being the suspicious lot they were, they went exploring, the Androids didn’t seem to be bothered that they were wandering the old station. One of the NPC’s became unwell and ended up going into quarantine. Other rescued people were found…Russians so much waving of arms and drawing of ideas took place.. we left things when the unwell NPC went missing… someone in Weyland had given him an injection with a synthetic pathogen in it…He is now loose in a deserted underwater lab, that is partially flooded…. oh and the air scrubbers aren’t really working…

So when I got back I checked on the next lot of printees… I printed nine miniatures to add to the three from yesterday this would give me a unit of twelve…

Ooh look nine miniatures!

Looks like I will be reprinting s few more tomorrow!… i took a photo at 23.15…silly season is upon us again!

And finally… I signed up to be a head teacher to aid children in their education… having soaking wet underwear was not in the job description. A fire truck came today and they let the kids have a go at the hose jet… queue wet HT!

The last time I was this wet is when I went swimming,.. it was a weird wet though, basically half of my body was soaked, the other side was pretty much bone dry as children were in the way of the water… bottom line though was that the kids loved it.

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