Thank Crunchie that tomorrow is Friday and that my reports are pretty much all written. Just some attendance data to add and then yippee…all done. Because I didn’t finish until 21.40 then I thought I would give the painting a miss and as I had the foresight to get the printer going I got a few more crossbowmen and four hand guns…it as is the way of things only 3 came out (along with some shortened swords – again)

As I mentioned yesterday, these fit in quite nicely with the Perry Miniatures… here is one of them beside some of the 14th century chappies…

Now I cannot remember if I added too many extra supports (apart from to the feet) but it would seem that two different people did the supports here…

My foot supports are clearly visible on the right hand miniature. The rest were super thin, but seemed to work ok.

3 thoughts on “Reports and Printing

  1. Its funny that you don’t always get the full amount! it happened to me all the time when I was moulding figures for my ECW dio and if I poured four one would always bugger up and never from the same mould !! weird!

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