Today I set away to print the last four arquebusiers… I sliced them and added them to the printer and set it away. I did four and Lo and behold it printed two! So after a bit of swearing I relevelled the print plate, remembering point six this time).

So after a bit of shopping I wandered back into the shed to find the bloody thing hadn’t printed a thing. So after muttering under my breath, or rather blaspheming loudly, I relevelled again and set it off…. this time I came back early on and found this time it was only printing one of them. So I pulled the plug and relevelled the bed again.

This time I got another set of three figures to print. These are the halbediers… as I set it away I bumped the number of layers up to 7, in the hope that it will adhere to the metal rather than the FEP. I will find out in an hour if it has worked.

But anyway this is where we have got to so far with the army…

To the left the crossbows and the right the guns. My plan is to have another unit of crossbowmen…. I had better read the army lists before I go wild with units. With this Kickstarter I certainly have a lot of choice!

I also tried painting something different… a bust of an elf witch…

I am not sure about the flesh tones, it cannot really be seen here, but it is a bit mottled. I will carry on with it tomorrow. Next up is The hair I think. It will be a light tan, as opposed to Galadriel’s colour in the Lord of the Rings films. I am thinking a kind of green colour for the dress.

I might even get some work done on the 6mm Samurai too!

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