Tonight I managed to get some more paint onto these chaps and am nearly done them. I want to get a wash onto the metalwork and then a dry brush. I added a dark paint into the mouth area and it made me a bit happier than yesterday…

So this is them nearly finished… I will get some of the dark sand onto their bases tomorrow. The one thing I did notice this evening, or should I say notice properly, is that the one chucking the grenade has lost his rifle barrel.

I had a go at printing the last two from this squad.. it was a bit of a pain to be honest. Chitubox, the slicer program was playing silly buggers and messing with the resolution. I eventually overcame it by totally reloading it and voila my printer appeared, so apart from the failure of the force truncheon (or whatever it is called), the rest printed ok.

So we have the sergeant with a las pistol and the marshal with a bolt gun and chain sword. In hindsight I think adding the bolt gun in that pose hasn’t really worked. I really should have rotated the hand more and had it on its side… hey ho never mind.

I will print off the failed bit tomorrow. He should get eight of the ten for his Birthday by Friday.

The one thing I found about this printer was the relief of just pressing print and off it went… none of the faffing on for half an hour trying to get the print head to come down.

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