The Bases are Done

Well Sort of! Not sure why but tonight the term butter fingers could be used to convey my skill set, figures bounced across the table, I didn’t quite get to paint the basing glue on their heads but it came close. To be brutally honest, I think the brush I was using was too large, did I change it? Did I heck.

Anyway I need to clean the edges up and get them painted and then I am calling these done. I will probably seal the sand with Watered down PVA tomorrow and then get some kind of vegetation on there. I originally thought of adding snow, but I really do think that it would be too bright and would draw the eye towards the bases too much.

As can be seen from the photo. The lone werewolf is done and the mounted squire is almost done, just really the spear and sword to do. I also made a start on the AA banshee or whatever she is called.

More Painting!

Oooh am I on a roll or what, yep I got the vox caster finished this evening and I need to get the straps on the blankets painted then they are pretty much done (oh apart from metallic insignia).

I also worked on my wizard and minotaur.

I also got paint onto other bits and pieces too. Not a huge amount but if I had the pot open then I found something to add that colour too.

The three miniatures above are ancient and this is the first time any of them have seen a pot of paint. It’s funny really, when I played the games then I didn’t paint them, not that I don’t play the games they get paint 😂😂

A Bit More Work

So I got on for a bit more this evening, whilst watching Evolution with the kids. Not a huge amount but still slowly pushing onwards to get these finished.

The flag is now a slate blue colour, not sure what the centre will be yet.

Really just some tidying up, the skin tone, and some of the unit insignia to do and then sort out a fur colour for the hats. Should hopefully be finished by Friday.

It is a bit like trying to think through fog today, but I have sort of broken my rule on not buying any miniatures, but these are some 1/35 native Americans to do as a diorama. I fancied something a bit different (as if I haven’t got enough to keep me going). This is what I went for in the end….

There were some really nice options. I quite fancied a horsey one but thought I wasn’t quite ready to make reins out of plasticard, so instead I choose something with loads of War paint. It should be here by next Wednesday. Now to be honest if there had been a Samurai one I would have gone for that 😂

Hopefully I will have a better day tomorrow, and be less in a harrumph. This lockdown is getting to me more than the first one… on the upside the sky is still light at 17.30, not daylight, but the year is certainly turning.

An Ork, a Dwarf and Some Valhallan’s

Walk into a bar… well okay probably not. Tonight I got some more work done on the above.

Not really much to see, I did the webbing leather brown and added the green to the headwear and water bottles. Still a long way to go, but it is definitely more progress than of late.

I am probably closer to finishing the three Alternative Armies ones than any of the Valhallan’s.

Valhallan’s Off we go Again

Tonight I booted myself up the backside and sat down and did some painting. I managed to get them moved forwards a bit. Still a long way to go, but definitely heading in the right direction.

I will need a second coat on the green of the hats and equipment.

Snow is still lying, which is a bit unusual, the last time it was like this was ten years ago. We still have another week of it at least.

More snow heading out west…

Winter Camo… a Success

Well as it is still a bit snowy outside I decided to take the walker out for a bit of photo shoot in it’s unfinished state… evidently it is quite effective 😉

Funny but true, I actually lost sight of it in the IPad camera app and actually thought I had missed it.

Luckily the missile is going to be military green with a black warhead. So won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Tonight I worked on it a bit more and got it to the nearly finished stage.

The lighting was a bit harsh, so the white has caused a weirdness that isn’t really there in reality. I will get it photographed in natural light tomorrow. I also painted the boots of the Troopers this evening too…

When I base this up I might add clumps of snow, but will check with my mate first to see what he wants.

Valhallan Winter Walker

This evening I decided to mess around with the colours on the walker. I added a military green as well as some white to give it a snowy, foresty kind of a look…

I will add some black-green to the green bits too to darken them. I think it might actually look okay.

I am not so sure about the colours on these, but I am trying to follow the brief…

They still look a bit weird as there is a lot of white still visible. Once that disappears then I will be able to see what I think. The rest of them haven’t moved since yesterday.

Return to the Valhallan’s

Tonight I named to get some thinned Dow Contrast paint onto the Valhallan coats. It wasn’t a huge amount but with family things etc I didn’t really get much time.

The walker in the back is going to have white stripes of camouflage (I think). This is where the light tan is. Hopefully I will get back into the swing of things tomorrow.

Batch Painting Valhallan’s

I got my test model finished this afternoon and sent a photo to my mate. He was happy with the look so tonight I made a start on the rest…

Here he is out in the snow like a true Valhhallan should…

Now there is nothing more annoying in batch painting ten models than to look up and realise that you have only done seven! Luckily I was only missing the trousers before I realised.

I will carry on with these this weekend and see how far I get…

So in a bid to broaden my film horizons I decided to watch something I hadn’t seen before. The first was Lucy, which although a bit weird I really enjoyed. The second was Maze Runners into the Scorch or something like that (made a lasting impression evidently). Now on this one I learned a very important lesson. Never start on the second film in the trilogy or you really won’t have a clue what the heck is going on, and finally I cheated a bit with this one as it was Crocodile Dundee. I haven’t seen it in I don’t know how many years. I loved it then and I still do now.

Some of of my AustralIan chums might have a different view of it, but I do like it. I remember watching a lot of films back then with Paul Hogan in. Evidently he did some tours in Australia. His TV Series would never, ever get on the telly now 😂.

Valhallan’s on the way

Tonight I played with my daughter on Ark and then had some tank combat on War Thunder so I was quite pleased that I managed to actually do anything.

I lightened the coat a bit and also made the grey less blue. The test colours went down fine with my mate so once this one is done I will make a start on the rest.