Saturday has been a an easy day, I had to drop my daughter into town, did some washing and washing up and pretty much sod all else, apart from clean out the ferrets.

I liked my Neolithic hunters so much that I decided to get some more printed. This time I went for the villagers…

We also have a wolf and a cow… at the moment I am printing a herd of goats (or should that be flock of goats). I also printed off some more lovely things from the Patreon… here we have the witch king, Barliman Butterbur and a lady with a broom (being propped up by a barrel)…

I did manage a smidge of painting tonight…

Still a bit to do on these, but I am getting there. I found these bases in the bottom shed so utilised them 😉.

Tomorrow I will print some more of the Neolithic stuff, that is if I don’t attack the printer with a hammer. It is what is politely called ‘being temperamental’ or in other words a total Bugger. It decides whether it is going to print or not… if it keeps it up then back to Amazon it goes.

Tomorrow I should get the above green things sprayed. When the goats are done then that will be the last of the translucent green finished. Tomorrow I move onto water washable resin, which will be washed in ISO as that is what is in the cleaner!

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