Today I printed the mammoth and some of the hunters and they are really nice. I also started on getting them painted…

The hunters are all in shades of brown as befits a Neolithic colour palette. Now this made me think did they dye things. We know they were a lot more complex than was believed years ago, but I am still going with the natural palette.

So the humans are a bowman, spearman, shaman and what they class as a fighter, to me a club man.

I got the rhino outside to photograph them too and their different colours are a bit more obvious now…

I am printing the last of the wraiths overnight and tomorrow I will do the second mammoth as well as some of the other humans miniatures and their livestock.

11 thoughts on “Painting a Hairy Elephant

  1. Both the rhinos and mammoth look great. Its cool to see that there are good prints for prehistoric animals out there too. I’ll have to remember that in the future when I take up prehistoric wargaming.

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