Today my horse returned to the yard for the winter and all was going well until I was opening the ramp to let him out and the gas support went leaving me with a very heavy door heading floorwards at speed. Luckily I lost my grip on it, not before the thing yanked my wrist, elbow and shoulder and twisted me in the process… Therefore painting was a little uncomfortable this evening so I didn’t push things. I did manage to get the hunters finished as well as a random high class lady.

To be honest the lady could really do with being binned, due to me not printing at the correct resolution, but it will do 🥴.

I also managed to get the goats done. I decided to base them on some Flames of War bases that I had lying around (same with the cow). These were thin enough to appeal to my OCD as all the rest were far to thick.

Oh yeah, while I remember… I did a thing!

Evidently I seem to have a thing for goats at the minute!…min hindsight I could have just shrunk the ones I have…whoops.

Men of Bronze came and I have had a quick look at it, I will have a proper read to see if I will give it a go.

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