Nothing painted tonight as we didn’t eat up until 8.00 and by time we watched a movie it was gone 22.00. So instead I chased Predators around a jungle on the console. I actually managed to survive a couple of times and escaped in the chopper.

Anyway, today I decided to have a go at printing the stone walls and I am really pleased with these too…

I still have gates to add as well as printing a whole lot more walls. I am considering getting another couple of sets of these as there really are some awesome sets available. As well as the Samurai sets, they also do Necron, Tau and Eldar (I think). I am so pleased that I found this company through a free wall sample on Thingiverse.

I decided to show you how the bits go together. There is a wall base and a wall top. In the corner the top is in two bits…

The doors are from the wooden gate.

Like the wooden wall everything is designed to go together. The corner pieces cannot go our of line because of the recess and corresponding lump. The ends have holes as I can print ‘dowels’ to connect them and keep them together in a game. As mine will be static and fastened to a base then I will be using glue.

I will use the wooden fences for the farm and the stone ones for some form of shrine I think. I have got a discord painting session tomorrow evening so hopefully something will get painted.

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