Tonight I did a bit more work on the village…

There isn’t really much obvious difference between this photo and the last one (apart from the white walls), everything was given a wash to bring out the detail a bit. I will drybrush the roofs again to add some highlights.

I got some more walls printed…

Start of a shrine?

Not sure what to do with this yet. Some kind of shrine would seem suitable for the walls. I will have a think. I am printing off another long wall as I type this. I will print a second one and make it two wide at least 😉

Hopefully tomorrow I will get on with the buildings and then onto the samurai.

Quick question time… the cavalry are based as bases of bow and bases of hand weapons. The monks are single pose and the peasants are multi weapon with the odd head swap. So the question is.. do I put different samurai on the bases, eg three different ones or do I put all the katana on one and the naginata on another and the yumi on another or mix them all up?

9 thoughts on “Further work on the Village

  1. To me it’s a balance of “what works best with the rules you’ll use them with?” with “how do they look aesthetically – mixed vs same-weapons?” with a big influence from “how many unique poses in each weapon option?”

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