I got absolutely nothing painted tonight as I spent so long putting the gate house together in 3D builder. It was being, what is technically called, a right Bastard. Spreading stuff all over the place. But eventually I won.

I decided to go for the tiled roof to match the rest, and it looks like this now…

Actually this is it just balanced on 😉

I have made a teeny courtyard to show what things look like so far…

I still have the gates to do, but will get them sliced tomorrow. Like the walls, the gate could be without a roof. It comes with a stout wooden beam across the uprights as well.

If I had one wish for this set it would be the half sized bits too. I am sure I can mess about with the builder software and come up with something.

The posh farm is going to be surrounded by these fences. I was thinking of having it on a slight rise and have a smaller gate out the back (for want of a better description) a path from this gate will lead down a steep rise (small cliff). There will be a well either in the compound or nearby… this is what I am thinking right now… tomorrow could be totally different 😂

Oh yeah, guess who just ordered some more Samurai miniatures! These are the ones from Battle Valour Games. I decided I needed some civilians and asked my mate Martin (who is the sole uk seller) when they would be in. As chance would have it, they had just arrived. So I ordered some civilians for my farm, the. Some Ronin, and the seven Samurai, and some bandits, and some samurai, oh yeah and some Ashigaru and peasants , not forgetting some oni… yeah! It’s not as if I don’t have sixty odd to paint right now without ordering more. These new ones are going to be for skirmish gaming…. that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!

13 thoughts on “Wooden Wall Entrance

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented on this before but I am loving the 3D printed stuff you are producing for your Samurai!

    I really impressed by the quality that your machine is turning out. They could be casting from an professional outfit.

    Sixty odd figures is nearly finished, so it would be churlish not to add to the pile, we could be off for a while and it would be awful to run out wouldn’t it 😉

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Cheers Roger. To be fair I do love my printer. It took a while to dial it in I put once I got it sorted it has really worked well. The 50% scale can be tricky due to the very small bits, which is why I put it together as a file first and then print it out. Yeah I wish it was only 60 figures, multiply that by a hundred and it would be nearer the mark 😂

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  2. The gates look fantastic and really round out the walls you’ve been working on. Should look very nice painted up (as I’ve said several times before about all of the terrain but its true!). I’m looking forward to seeing what minis you ordered. Have you looked into Test of Honour? They have a miniature range that might work for you and the skirmish rules could be nice to have as well.

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    1. Cheers, funnily enough I did consider test of honour as the guys that designed the terrain play it and use it in their games. I would do it in 15mm which is why I went for the e tea minis. It will either be a Ronin or TOH.

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      1. Oh shoot, I forgot that you were doing 15mm. That isn’t going to work quite as well in terms of the minis. I’ve heard good things about Ronin and TOH so I’d love to hear how you get on when you get around to playing a game!


      1. Ha! I already have 248, of which 187 are painted! Two are 3D printed though – (my two M24 Chaffee’s.

        Model Maker Source
        3D Printed 2 0.8%
        Battlefront 150 60.5%
        Old Glory 19 7.7%
        Peter Pig 3 1.2%
        Plastic Soldier Company 21 8.5%
        Quick Reaction Force 8 3.2%
        Wargames Models in Ohio 37 14.9%
        Zvezda 8 3.2%
        248 100.0%

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