I just want to start off by saying a big thank you to everyone for the kind words after our pretty rubbish day yesterday. I eventually managed to get him into my trailer today and got him taken away for burial. I really do have some amazing neighbours, those that helped yesterday and those today who loaned me a spare tyre for the trailer as well as a block and tackle. We shall not talk about the one that is the arsehole 🥴

Today proved a bit expensive as my trailer tyres were pretty shot and one had a slow puncture so after sorting out the pony I went to get new tyres. Unfortunately these had to come with wheels attached, but in reality I was going to order some new wheels anyway. Two wheels and a trailer board came to just under £200…ouch. I was going to try and get them on tomorrow, but it looks like the rain, sleet and general crappy ness are set in until Tuesday.

On the upside, I did manage to get a bit of painting done. I added the white and then went over it in yellow as well as painting a pile of snakes that came with the boxed set.

It now looks like there is a contrast between the red and the orange, which is what I wanted. Hopefully I can get these a bit further forward tomorrow.

Thanks once again.

3 thoughts on “A Big Thank you and a Smidge Painting

  1. If I looked at things in order I would have seen they are snakes !! Burying the old dog in the backyard was hard enough but your pony must have been a mammoth task and as the boys said its great to have good neighbours, oh! I wonder if the other one knows he is not only an arsehole ,but also a famous one, now known around the world !!!

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