Tonight I managed to get some bits done on the red lizards (and the snakes)

I am either going to do the claws and talons as black or Wildwood, which is a very dark brown. I got the saddles and straps done in Snakebite Leather. I will do the collars in the Tin Bitz and add gold accents.

Once these are done I will start on the riders.

I ordered a fair bit of stuff from Green Stuff World today. I went for the mixed leaf punch, the branch punch: with some of the flexible metal sheeting. I also went for one of the Aztec rollers with the silicone rings to get some patterned bases for the Lizardmen. I also ordered a pack of light coloured forest ground covered and some swamp tufts. I have plenty of different coloured ones, but I thought it would be good to get some of the same colour.

6 thoughts on “Cold Ones… Getting There

  1. Those lizards are looking great! I look forward to seeing the riders on them. Those leaf punches are really helpful if you plan at all at using leaves on bases or terrain. They’re much more economic than buying leaves for hobby stores so I think you’ll be glad you have them.

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