I didn’t get anything painted today as unfortunately we have had a really, really crap day.

The kids and my good lady had been to the cinema and had come back. They went to put a rug on one of the ponies and found him stood in the stream as the tried to get him out he started to struggle and collapsed. My daughters had to hold his head out of the water while my wife ran to phone for help. Unfortunately I was in work interviewing for a vacant post. I only found out a couple of hours later.

Luckily a neighbour came to help and they got him out. We don’t actually have any blankets in the house any more as the kids ran to get everything thing could find to try and get him warm

Sadly he didn’t make it, as you can imagine everyone is a little distraught. The kids were absolute stars and did everything they could to help.

Tomorrow I will remove his remains and get him buried, not a thing I am looking forward to. We have had him over twenty years and all of the kids have started riding on him.

So here he is in happier times with my middle daughter aged about four.

12 thoughts on “Crap Day

  1. Awww, what a crap day. But also a super cute picture, that will be a good memory down the road after mourning has passed. So sad though.


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