Tonight I didn’t get anything done on the Weyland Yutani commandos, I decided to make a start on the Sepulcherov Guard Hussars. These five miniatures are from the Flintloque range from Alternative Armies.

I only ended up with two lances, rather than the usual three. I have had them a while and cannot remember why this is. These have a two part caped cloak that means that they don’t sit on the saddle properly as the cloak sits on the blanket roll on the cantle. The arms come separate to the bodies so a bit of extra gluing took place to ensure more than one spot was connected for strength.

The skeletal horses are meant to have wings, but I have decided to leave them off as they are glued at the base of each and I can see them getting knocked off in transit, even with the white metal peg in a hole.

These Wraith cavalry are dressed in red cloaks, black tunics with white lace, red trousers, black shoes, and a black shako with a red top. Their gloves are white and horse furniture is black.

So they should work well with the Contrast paint (my gloves are more likely going to be a different colour. This is the beauty of an imagiNation style force. I can actually decide to do them whatever colour I like.

They will join their comrades in arms in terms of the lancers…

Only taken me two years to give them some back up….Funnily enough I was mooching through back back post and in September 2018 I said I would possibly start on the Hussars.

Evidently I painted some Krautian dwarves instead…

So anyway after glueing them all together I took them out to the shed for a spray… forgot my mask… naughty, naughty – one really can’t hold one’s breath long enough!

Anyway here they are curing…

There was a bit of a space so Aragorn as Ellessar sneaked in for a change of undercoat colour.

You can see the holes the wings go into on the front two mounts…the other niggle with these is that the base size they are on is a lot smaller than the other cavalry.

Tomorrow I will hopefully paint the bases and then make a start on these, errr, chaps.

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