Well tonight I would have got these finished, apart from a small mishap, but more of that later…

I have pretty much finished the actual bases, apart from washes, tidying up and the black edge.still a couple of bits to do on the actual miniatures. The metalwork on the flamer guys shotgun and the headset on the one with the cap.

As I said I would have got these finished, but for the mishap. As I was carrying in a pile of figures I caught my sleeve on the door handle and dropped a box of them. Sadly a plastic box full size of plastic figures onto a concrete floor didn’t end well.

So I had to repair half of the things in the box. I then built five miniatures.

Have you ever noticed, no matter how many things you dryfit and test things, the second you add the superglue then they won’t go together… not to mention add superglue and they somehow become covered in oil or something and ping merrily across the table like a miniature Barnes-Wallis Bouncing bomb!

But anyway I now have five scouts and twelve Genestealers to paint.. the eagle eyed amongst you will spot a bit of gaming nostalgia…

I have a toss up between painting the above or the following:

The above show off pretty much the remains of my Flintloque with the exception of the elf cuirassiers. So I have two dog gun grew, five dog Hussars and five undead wraith Hussars.

I am undecided on which to go for next, it will more than likely be either of the above sets. Hints and suggestions greatly appreciated.

On a totally different note, I ordered a pair of Predator hellhounds, they popped up on EBay for £9.99, I put a bid on and was the only bidder so got them for half the normal price.

6 thoughts on “Weyland Yutani Commandos almost Done…

  1. Interesting ! I heard about superglue activator once ,and as we all know it will stick to our skin instantly but not what we want it to so just the other day I looked it up and was amazed to find that I could make my own and I find it works a treat, but be warned only in certain circumstances, but it is worth a Google even just to know super glues idiosyncrasies!


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