Tonight when I hauled these in from the shed, two things became obvious (or more obvious). Firstly the small hole on the unprimed model, looked small, but on the primed one it looked like a chasm. Secondly, the riders were not going to stay sat on their horses with only a tiny bit of metal touching metal. Therefore I hauled out my Greenstuff and filled the hole as well as giving a big lump for the rider to sit firmly in place. I poked holes in it to paint it up a bit like a sheepskin. Why a wraith, would need a comfy bum is anyone’s guess, but at least he won’t fall of his horse😉.

The other thing I did, was to give them a quick test paint with one of the two reds I have. I really liked this colour when it went on so that was that 😉.

I did a quick test of the bone, which looks okay, so once the Greenstuff is dry, I will get it painted white. I still haven’t decided on the colour of the shabraque the rest of the bits are a black uniform jacket, red cloak and breeches. I might just go black and see how it goes.

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