My daughter wanted to stay in town tonight and I foolishly decided to stay in too. Three hours sitting in a cafe again waiting for her… bored silly now and knackered to boot. Therefore there will be a very, very slim chance of me getting anything done when I get home. I still have an hour and a half to wait and my Ipad is down to 38%.

If I am lucky she will get bored and want to go home, I probably have more chance of completing the fey before bed!

I ran my one shot today, the party saved a merchant from a thuggish person who was extorting money. Offered to take his message to a brother in a town 100 miles away. Fought a skirmish with some n’er do wells and made it to their destination and delivered the message. The main role of this session was to get them learning the various systems and rolling lots of dice.

I think they enjoyed the game, well they said they wanted to come back next time and carry on.

I have once again decided that I live in a bit of a nice place. The following photo shows it isn’t a bad commute to work.

Speaking of work, I am back tomorrow ( booo) starting with two days of training…problem is I cannot remember what the heck I signed up for, hopefully I turn up in the right place and that they have a list of the different options and also who signed up for what!

Just in case no-one told you it today…

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some paint onto the fey…I shall leave you with a little conundrum… evidently I had an extra hour in bed this morning, which to me is a little pointless as I was asleep and didn’t notice the difference.

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