Well, as expected, I managed to paint nothing tonight.

I have been building a lean to greenhouse for my mother in law, then came back and turned straight around to get my daughter to her party. I just got back in and quite frankly can’t be arsed to paint anything.

As I was waiting I did some work on my RPG I will be running tomorrow.

Yes we are back off to middle earth. I put a Facebook post up on the club asking if anyone was interested… eight people put their names forward so I am likely going to be running two sessions to fit everyone in. Some people may not like the system whilst others do so I will have to see how many stay the course of the campaign.

The following photo was taken in a cafe, so it is a little washed out.

Tomorrow will be a one off to get people going (some people can’t make it this week) so we will begin proper next weekend.

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