So after my woeful last post regarding a lack of energy to paint anything, I got a second wind and got the gold paint out…

Gold is really difficult to photograph, I thought I had missed loads only to realise it was a reflection.

Still bucketloads to paint but a teeny bit of progress is progress.

I also returned home to find my new rules a bit wet. I can only blame myself, I left them lying and I left the undrunk cup of tea next to them. Obviously someone bumped something and said tea went splosh!

They are getting the toilet paper drying method…. here is hoping the TP doesn’t stick to the pages!

7 thoughts on “Look, Look…I painted something

  1. That’s interesting in regards to the gold paint not showing up ,as I’m using it a lot at the moment I’ll keep an eye on it when taking some shots ! and yeah mate there is always a second wind waiting around the corner .

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