Tonight Joe and I had another game of Firefly…

It was a close run thing. He was nearly Skint, but managed to pop a victory on the last turn.

The Reavers made two moves in the whole game and the Alliance Cruiser the same.

His is a better game at the club as we ca spread stuff out on the table rather than having to squeeze everything onto my kitchen table. We are going to give Frostgrave a bash next week.

8 thoughts on “Into The Verse

    1. Yeah basically each player had a Firefly class vessel with 8 cargo and 4 stash spots. The ships can be upgraded with up to three extras added. Your can have up to six crew which all have benefits to assist the captain. These comprise fighting, engineering and communication. Each job has mix of all three. You get equipment too which gives bonuses. These are usually one use and are then discarded. You pick up your jobs from the likes of Patience, Badger and Niska. Jobs might be legal, legal and immoral or illegal. Various crew member might be moral which means they won’t do illegal jobs.

      The jobs themselves can pretty much be anything from hauling cargo to stealing diamonds. Some are etrigh forward…pick up,cargo at Osiris, drop it off in Regina… get paid…when you get paid and you have crew then you have to give them a cut of the profits. I had six crew that were taking up 1100 credits a job. Some jobs are more complicated and mean you have to take a number of Misbehaving cards. These have extra ‘missions’ within the jobs. These are pretty wide ranging some are have a fight or repair something, but others need specific equipment like explosives. These have to be purchased from various named planets eg Regina.

      The Reaver Cutter and Alliance vessels are randomised. When you cross between the inner and outer planers you pick a card from the relevant decks, the best is ‘keep flying’ problem is some are more nasty like ‘boarded by Reavers’ or Stop and search… hopefully the things confiscated by the Allience weren’t for Niska!

      Then on top of that you have an overarching set of goals that make the game more interesting. Yesterday we had to get three goals to win. First was be Solid (complete a job) for Patience, Niska, Badger and Ammon Duul. Each of these were spread around the board on their home planets, second was hack into something, which took three misbehave rolls and the final was to attract the attentionmkfnthe alliance which again had three misbehave jobs and then a communication roll of 8 plus on a D6… remember the crew and equipment mentioned earlier… this is when the bonuses really count.

      There are a pile of extras as well the first was Blue Sun I think which gave and extra 20″ x 10″ map to add to the 20 x 40 map, it adds a new supply planet of Merida as well as Reaver Space. 75 new jobs, two new captions and curious new crew and equipment.

      In total there are six expansions including a 50″ x 20″ vinyl map of the whole verse, with blue sun to the West and Kalidasa to the East. I just have the base game and none of the expansions.

      Sorry but that was probably way more information than you wanted…evidently got carried away 😁


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