So after doing a lot of big buildings and some larger scatter I was running a bit low on filament so I went down a few sizes to ensure I didn’t run out mid print. Here is an original Mordheim miniature trying the out for size.

Individual barrels: Digital Taxidermy… the rest Iain Lovecraft

To breed honest I could have probably done another set of these with what was left on the roll, but my new one came today so I went back to bigger things. Mixed in amongst the bigger things were another set of the crates.

I am really pleased that this machine seems to be back to full functionality. Obviously the money I spent on upgrades, never installed, was wasted as it is now (touch wood) seems to be fine.

I can only remember some of what I added to the build plate so tomorrow I am in for a surprise 😁. Not sure what time tomorrow as the build plate is quite full. When I was out just before the bases of things hat were printed were about 3mm high… that was after almost 4 hours printing. I did spot one thing that might cause me problems. One of the crate piles seemed to be touching another thing!

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