Today I cracked on and got the remaining nine Zombies finished…

This now gives me two units of twelve for Dragon Rampant, or a horde for other games.

I also spent a good while ‘building’ a set of zombie crossbows. There are nine distinct ones and three that are mirrors of some others. I know I said I wouldn’t print any more, but I still had some resin in the vat and it should be enough for the twelve miniatures. Now as I mentioned the Ian Lovecraft ones are a lot bigger than the rest so I took the height down to 92% and the other two planes at 88% to try and match in with the current batch. I will find out tomorrow if I have cocked it up 🤞🤞🤞.

And finally I need a bit of help on deciding on the colour for the Dinocrocuta… I decided to go away from a natural brown colour to something a bit more fantasyesque…

I have got the red/black or the white/grey. I like them both and cannot decide on which way to go. Both take seconds to do, so neither is harder than the other… what do people think… which would work well for an undead army?

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