Well I got a fair bit done today… the most boring was painting 125 bases brown… so now you know the size of my undead army. As I had the brown out I painted the last twelve that were still in their white undercoat…

So that is ninety ready to get a varnish and various other bits added like rust and ver de gris as well as a bit of grubiness. I actually bought some oil paints and sponges…just waiting on the solvent to get going…

I painted the big ghouls and was pleased with the results…

As you can see I did another Wraith…this time in red…it will be a champion or something…

I also made a decision on the Dinocrocuta, in the end I went for the greys rather than the red and black…thanks to everyone who gave some input. It was pretty much 50:50. In the end I went grey as I was going to do the mounted wraiths in the same red, so this way there wouldn’t be another colour in the mix…

Now these have got a long way to go, but they are definitely getting there.

Hopefully I will get them finished tomorrow, the Dinocrocuta that is, not everything. My wife and two eldest are off gallivanting South tomorrow evening, so it will just be me and my son tomorrow evening. Joe and I are doing a painting and gaming day on Monday again so I should get a long way with things again.

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