Or so I have heard!

Anyway I set about with my necromantic arts and managed another eighteen skeletons printed. These were the old type on the left and the new type on the right. The new ones were a nice and easy and the old ones nearly made me pack in 3d printing.

I ended up taking off two feet and an arm trying to remove the supports. They had absolutely loads of supports on and with the new super strong resin they were a complete and utter pain to remove. To put it into context the nine on the right took me about 5 minutes to remove the supports, the ones on the left about 25 minutes.

The older ones came with separate shields which I printed too. They are all out in the porch in their nice white undercoat. I have taken the two command units off the build plate and am printing half a dozen wraiths just now.

Tomorrow I will do the second lot of wraiths…aka I flipped them on the build plate so there are some that are left handed and some that are right handed.

I do have a general on a big flying beast so he will get done sometime soon.

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