Well tonight I got the command minis off the build plate as well as half a dozen wraiths…

I also painted a skeleton with a flag…

I also decided to do my longest resin print at 8 hours… I nearly over filled the vat…

And finally… I took this photo at 23:59 on the way to check on the printer.

As you can see it is still light out there… ah the joys of 22 hours of light a day.

12 thoughts on “More Dead Things

      1. It is pretty cool, up here the call it the simmer dim… aka the summer dim. We were watching the live footage of Boris getting the heave ho and it was dark in London and daylight here. We live in an old Crowthorne so if we are in the lounge we cannot really see to be honest, but anywhere else… luckily blackout curtains have been invented.

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      2. I would imagine that non locals would have a bit of adjusting to do if they were to stay 🤔. It’s like when we moved from tropical Australia to the bottom it took me two years before I got used to the cold. Funny thing now you mention the curtains, when I was in my early twenties I worked night shift and had to sleep in our flat in summer when it was in the high thirties so my sister made only would be described as blackout curtains to keep the heat out. Maybe I was a bit tougher then 😉🤓👍🏻


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