Not sure why but today I came out of work in a foul mood… but that was nothing compared to the absolute pillock I managed to make myself look when I went to do the horse.

The stables are at a farm, a working farm, so I met Linda whose stables we share, she works and lives on the farm. So, me being me, having watched a YouTube channel on a guy who trims cows hooves asked her if she has any cows on the farm… its an effing dairy farm, what else do they have there …Llamas. Funnily enough it actually cheered me up watching the complete incredulity on Linda’s face.

Anyway tonight I did a bit of finishing off… first of were the two Rohirrim..

Actually looking at her face I think I need another repaint, not sure why it has gone grey!

I also decided to do a bit in the slugs and get them based up…

Slithering to a Battlefield near you…

I will probably try and get the last remaining 6mm Italian Wars stuff done next.

8 thoughts on “Losing The Effing Plot!

  1. The face does make the model looks a lot of the ‘guy dressing up as a lady and he has not shaved’… If only you were going for that look it would be perfect. Might be a scenario there though if you wanted to make one though

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  2. There is nothing like being a bloody pillock to cheer oneself up !!Love it mate I think we haave all done beauties like that! Hey your slugs are starting to grow on me matey!


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