Today I got the 6mm terrain under coated white. I started on the Italian houses and windmills…

I also finished painting the zealots…

Two of them failed to be included in the photo. I will add some flock to the bases tomorrow and also do some form of writing on the book and pages.

And finally as I have absolutely no common sense or will power for that matter I thought I would try something a bit different… Project Wargaming don’t just do fabulous 6mm Samurai and Italian buildings. They also do printable 2mm ancient armies… so this happened….

I decided to get a couple of sets, Gallic infantry and some Republican Romans. I was pleasantly surprised in how well these printed as well as painted up. I blobbed some green and brown paint on a 30×40 base and I now have a base of Gauls.

The Romans have their three troop types. The heavies have either the pilum or the long spear (l just forgot the name)It also comes with Equites too.

Now one thing about this lot is that they don’t have the flex of the 6mm spears. I can evidently mix flexible resin with the ordinary stuff. I might just have to give it a go

11 thoughts on “Zealots, Towns and something Very Small

  1. Very nice, the buildings are rather cool, the Zealots look great but the 2mm Gauls are beautiful! But no striped trousers? Oh you’ve let us down Steve really you have! 😁

    Is it sad that the first thought into my head was “Asterix the Gaul” gaming!😉

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. I like those flagellants. The bases look a bit like mud with footprints at this stage, though I know they’re not finished yet.

    I don’t think that I’ve ever seen infantry at 2mm scale, you must have superhuman patience to paint them.


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